I Am Me


Our "I Am Enough" print has been so popular that we've been inundated with requests for a custom version - and how could we say no to such a great idea?! List as many attributes as you like and we'll create a bespoke version just for you. These prints serve as such an amazing way to aid your child's inner voice to be confident and self-assured.

At this stage we just have one sample done up based on our youngest son, Frankie, but we'll add more images as we create more so you can get a good idea of what different styles might look like!

If you're struggling to think of ideas here's some to get you started: intelligent, brave, determined, confident, independent, creative, imaginative, curious, thoughtful, energetic, expressive, loving, cheerful, courageous, helpful, generous, friendly, insightful, kind, forgiving, considerate, outgoing, caring, funny, patient. 

When you purchase a digital version of this, you are buying a digital file only to print at home, online or your local commercial printer or copy centre. You will receive a zipped folder containing 4x PDF files in the largest sizes of A size, 2x3, 3x4 and 4x5 ratios. This allows you create a large print or scale down for a smaller one to fit any standard frame.

We recommend Happy Moose for printing, and you can use the code THEPRINTNOOK for 10% off sitewide. If you’d like to read more information about places to print and our quality recommendations then please click here. If you'd like to buy a printed version shipped directly to your door, click here.