Our Artist - Kids Artwork Gallery


Got a mini artist on your hands? Our custom kids artwork prints are the perfect way to display all those fun paintings your little ones do, that usually end up all over the fridge with the reminder filling up a box somewhere. Simply choose your shape and artwork quantity, add the text you want to appear on the print, take photos of the artwork and email your photos through to us when you've got them all together. With lots of photos to share, sometimes it's easiest to add them to a Google Drive/Dropbox folder and share it via email. If you want to snap one up and send through photos a few days later, feel free! Got a custom shape idea? Flick us an email!

Also remember, we can use one full image per shape, but we can also take multiple shapes out of one image - e.g. a super colourful kindy painting! We've created collages of 63 out of a single multi-coloured painting and it's just as effective as multiple images

In an ideal world, your photos of the artwork will be good quality and well lit, but we can work with pretty much anything so don't worry if there's folds or creases in the art you photograph. If you have some specific requests like brightening up dark photos, editing out basic creases (e.g. a half fold) then pop it in the notes at checkout and we'll do our best.

When you purchase a digital version of this, you are buying a digital file only to print at home, online or your local commercial printer or copy centre. You will receive a digital preview via email to confirm you're happy with the final product and make any changes before we send the final files. The final files will be 1x PDF and 1x JPEG in A0 size so they can be printed in a large format or scaled down to any smaller size.

We recommend Happy Moose for printing, and you can use the code THEPRINTNOOK for 10% off sitewide. If you’d like to read more information about places to print and our quality recommendations then please click here. If you'd like to buy a printed version shipped directly to your door, click here.