W H A T   H A P P E N S   W H E N   I   O R D E R   A   C U S T O M   P R I N T ?

If you've got your eye on one of our custom prints or you've just ordered for the first time and want to know how the process goes, this is the page for you! 

When you buy a custom print, please allow 3 working days (or 5 for portraits) for us to prepare your order based on your selections. If we need any more information, we will reach out as soon as possible. Once we've made your print, we will send a preview through to the email address you provided in your order. 

When you receive your preview, please look it over carefully and ensure all information and illustrations are correct. If you'd like any changes made then let us know and we will send a revised preview through the following working day. We will continue going back and forth like this until you are happy with the finished product. Once you've approved you're happy with the print, we will either email the final printable files or print and ship your order directly to you to the next working day.